Deborah and her mystic wonderhorse "Tonk"

Deborah and her mystic wonderhorse "Tonk"

I have spent most of my adult life aware of being on a Spiritual Path. I have mystic gifts that help me understand the world in what my mother used to call “technicolor.” Some people who are of a Christian background consider the gifts to be those of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful to have a sensitivity to the world around us and to be able to use those gifts to help people feel the presense of the Divine Spark in their everyday lives. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that my mystical gifts also extended to understanding the thoughts of animals. It was difficult to grasp at first. I can relate to Eddie Murphy in the more recent “Dr. Doolittle” movies when he discovered that the animals wanted him to help them out with everything. Once they knew he could hear them he was put in charge of the complaint department. One of my first experiences as an animal telepath was with a group of draft horses. I was visiting a farm and waiting for a friend who owned the horses. I was daydreaming when I noticed that two horses had turned from their hay and were staring at me. Then I heard very distinctly “you don’t belong here.” I looked around and noticed that there was no one there. I looked back at the horses and thought to myself. “No, it couldn’t be.”

I love horses. They are so straight forward.

They were checking me out horsie style

When I realized it was the horses talking to me with their thoughts I reassured them. “Your mom said it was okay for me to visit here. I am waiting for her.” As soon as I sent the message with my thoughts and said it out loud for good measure the horses both turned around and went back to eating their hay. If you love animals and want to know what they think, follow my blog and my many adventures with animal communication. They have a lot to say. They really want us to understand them. I will share tips on how you can understand your beloved pets.Sometimes it is all about the food as you would expect. But sometimes they are far more observant and say the darndest things. They can tell us many things about ourselves and the world around us. My horse, Tonk, taught me a lot about animal communication. He sends me thoughts and pictures. I even have some videos where I have translated his thoughts into English. That is how my animal communication gifts work. This is my first blog post so I want to introduce some of the future topics. The blog will be about animals but will cover other subjects of spirituality as well including spiritual writing and publishing, books to influence the journey on this planet, guests who join me on my radio show, how you can develop your own gifts, and how to promote yourself in the digital age. I also welcome your suggestions and guest bloggers on the many topics we will be discussing. I love that the internet has opened so many avenues for communication with like-thinking people.