Soul-Odyssey Radio affords me the opportunity to interview some very interesting and knowledgeable authors. I usually choose them because of something I want to learn or because there is something they can share with my regular listeners who are pursuing a conscious soul journey. Every week on Thursdays at 6PM Pacific time 9PM EST I host Soul-Odyssey Radio on You can listen to the archive of any show not posted in my blog  at:     This week my guest was Beth Greer author of “Super Natural Home.” Her trademark is “Super Natural Mom” and she can be found at her website at You can follow her blog on the Huffington post by clicking on this link: This particular article is about

10 Ways To Tell If A Product Is (Or Isn’t) Really ‘Natural’

Beth Greer is a bestselling author and Green living advocate. Beth was able to heal herself from a benign tumor that was causing her a great deal of pain in her chest. Although surgery was recommended she courageously learned about natural remedies and removing toxins from her body, her home and her cosmetics to live a truly healthy life. Her work is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Peter Coyote and Dr. Joe Mercola. Beth is leading a movement of awareness and responsibility about healthy home, work and school environments.

It is such a blessing to see that Green living is a movement. Back in the late 80s when people began pursuing what was then called the “New Age,” it was seen as odd if you wanted to protect your children from sugar, additives and processed foods. I remember when I was in college and I went into my first health food store. Have a refrigerator section with carob and bulk grains seemed so exotic to me. I remember reading the classic book “Sugar Blues” by William Duffey and being so blown away by how much sense it made that we have way too much refined sugar in our diets.

When my children were little  I was in my earth mother stage and lived on a farm. I was somewhat macrobiotic and would not give my children sugar. Beth describes a similar experience when her child first tasted the dreaded chicken nugget. In my house my oldest daughter had gone to a birthday party in town and brought home a goody bag with chocolate in it. Her little brother got a hold of it and hid behind the couch shoveling it all in at once. We didn’t see him do it. The next thing we knew he was jumping all over the room from couch to window seat to couch and began throwing plastic kid chairs all over the place. When we saw the empty candy wrappers we didn’t need an FDA study to tell us that he was reacting to the sugar and very likely the caffeine in the candy.

I am grateful that in the 2000s environmental consciousness and a connection between what we eat and our health is a mainstream idea. We do need to put our emphasis on disease prevention especially now that we can pinpoint many of things that really do work. Take a listen to this week’s show and learn how you too can have a “super natural house.”