Soul-Odyssey Radio just keeps getting better and better. If you missed the show on February 9 with guest Laura Munson you are in luck. You can listen to the entire show right here by clicking on the link. Soul-Odyssey Radio with host Mystic healer Deborah Herman is all about the journey of the Soul and the tribulations experienced along the way. Laura Munson was a wonderful guest because her bestselling memoir: “This is Not the Story You Think it is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness” is all about difficult journeys and how by changing our thinking we can change the outcome. Her book is a testament to the end of victim mentality and a guidebook for personal empowerment. In her book Laura takes us through a period of six months in her life beginning with when her husband informed her that he know longer loved her and that he probably never did. Laura recognized that he was going through his own life reevaluation punctuated by economic downturn and changes in his self identity and replied in a beautiful zen like manner: “I don’t buy it.” The message has more to do with our ability not to base our happiness or intrinsic health on that of another person, even one we love the most, than it has to do with how to make or break a marriage. Laura is an inspiration and has a heartwarming way of sharing her innermost thoughts both on paper and in an interview. For those of you who are aspiring writers, Laura admits to writing 14 novels before her memoir helped her become a published author. More wonderful novels will follow, but she has a lot to say about how to stick to your artistic goals. She is the poster woman for tenacity. Enjoy!

Laura Munson bestselling author