I am an intuitive with many gifts that move me beyond the 5 senses. I thank God for them. However, these extra senses do not always explain the bigger picture to me. I am satisfied with the understanding I have with the Creator and my Spirit Guides. My awareness unfolds on a “need to know” basis. I am happy not asking too many questions beyond that because I always know I get the information I need at the right time. I try to live in the present. It actually annoys a lot of people, but it works for me. We are coming up to the date of December 21, 2012. I do not believe that this is a path to Armageddon. But that is just me. I have always looked at life from a “glass half full” perspective. I have complete faith that there are Ethereal Beings who work with the Creator of all of us who are helping us navigate the changes that are occurring.

There are Definitely Changes Occurring.

Anyone on a Spiritual Path, which is really all of us to some extent or another, has to know that there is a vibrational shift going on. I can’t be the only one who feels it in the energy field around me. I am having all kinds of physical changes too. It is a little difficult to describe. Sometimes my head heats up in different parts like I am receiving downloads. My dreams are more vivid and my intuition is far more effortless. Today, for example, I was at the grocery store. Grocery shopping is very meditative for me. My husband, who is always on New York time and I each take a cart and split up. This way he can speed shop and I can stroll and read all the labels I want to my heart’s content. Since we don’t have kids at home and I have a limited diet, again probably due to vibrational shift, I don’t have to rush to catch up to him. I was strolling in the grocery store humming a classical piece of music. I only wish I knew the name of it. I was humming softly so it was not as if anyone could hear me. As I turned the corner a little boy was sitting in the grocery cart and looked right at me with a grin on his face. He too was loudly humming the same piece of music at the same time. I know he did not hear me because we met at the corner of the aisle.

Little Boy in Grocery Cart

Not the same boy but about the same age.

My mouth dropped open and then I couldn’t help but grin too. For a moment our eyes met and I realized that this child and others like him are going to keep the world moving ahead. We are being tested right now to see what we are made of. We are being asked to make changes in how we run the world because we are connected to everyone. There is no separation from soul to soul. Perhaps as the energy shifts occur we will all experience a rebirth into our native abilities. There are legends that the people of Lemuria and Atlantis spoke to one another telepathically. Those societies supposedly destroyed themselves. This was a sign to me today that we don’t have to do that. We are ready to embrace who we really are. We are all souls in physical bodies who are not disconnected from each other or from God. We have to believe that. Then we will be filled with the love and compassion that can move mountains and change the course of our world.