I happened upon this blog about the dangers of soy and had a real “aha” moment. I have Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune that results in inflammation particularly in the colon. After diagnosis I had surgery and while in the hospital I promised myself and anyone else who was listening to the bearing of my soul that I would research the best ways to eat with the disease to help the body. I went to a nutritionist who does muscle testing and soy came up as one of the foods to avoid. Soy is among foods that are considered inflammatory according to what Crohnies should avoid.

I was doing fine for a very long time. But as a typical little human I had to test it. So yesterday I bought a really delicious combination of dry roasted soybeans and other goodies to munch on. The Crohn’s “diet” (although there really isn’t one diet) does not have many munch kinds of foods included in it. I feel pretty awful today. My stomach is pooched out like I am expecting a watermelon and my body is sore. That is quick karma for a gastronomic indiscretion, but I had been pushing my luck. So this morning the universe introduced me to this Blog about the dangers of soy:


Dangers of Soy

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Are you convinced yet about the dangers of soy? Many aren’t. “Is soy bad for you? …Really?” I hear the question so often I want to scream.

After decades of hearing marketing spin about how soy is a wonder food, a protein-rich legume able to rescue us from our dependence on meat, I suppose it’s understandable why so many people have yet to understand fully the dangers of soy. Really, you’re not going to get the full story unless you research it on your own. And why would you, when soy is “universally” touted as a health food?

Well, it isn’t.


Dangers of Soy

Thankfully, more and more independent research has been done regarding the dangers of soy, and what it’s revealed should scare you.


Soy is higher in phytoestrogens than just about any other food source. Phytoestrogens are plant-based estrogens that mimic estrogen in our bodies. In recent years, you may have read about studies which indicate phytoestrogens are good for you. But ask yourself, who funded those studies? The soy industry, that’s who. Independent research has clearly shown that consuming phytoestrogens is downright dangerous for the human body.

It’s only common sense. No one argues, for example, that a leading cause of breast cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, and low libido is unopposed estrogen, or estrogen dominance. Why, then, would anyone argue that we should consume more of a food high in estrogen?

An infant taking the recommended amount of soy formula is consuming a hormone load equivalent of 4 birth control pills a day! Is it any wonder we’ve seen such a dramatic rise in precocious puberty with young girls starting their periods at 6 and 7?  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE BLOG

There are other foods that cause an inflammatory response in people with Crohn’s. I happen to be “allergic” or sensitive to corn, milk and peanuts. Those are foods that will give me an immediate response with symptoms like breathing difficulty, hives, headaches and cramps. My body can’t digest these foods. I also lost the valve that separates the large and small intestines through a crohn’s surgery so I am not really sure what is triggering to me. I take remicade and it is really working, thank God. But even though it is preventing the creation of blockages and strictures, I still need to contend with the food and the inflammation that it can’t stop.

When I did the muscle testing I was told I shouldn’t eat gluten either. I have been pretty awesome with that. I just haven’t learned that gluten free does NOT mean calorie free. I never used to eat cookies. Now a gluten free cookie seems like a fair exchange for my sense of victimhood. Well my growing fatitude leads me to reconsider this logic. What I do know is I am returning to my soy free life. I will continue to share my findings with you.

Blessings and good health,