My wonderful horse Tonk has shared some amazing insights!Deborah Herman is an Animal Telepath.

If you have spent any time with animals you probably have experienced a sense that you know what they are thinking. You probably do. Animals convey their thoughts differently than humans do, but they find a way to let you know what they want or need. But what happens when their thoughts are more complex? When an animal tries to convey information to their human that is beyond “I need a cuddle,” or “I am hungry,” they may resort to what we think of as bad behavior. A cat will be “pissed off,” and you will know it in a very obvious way. Or a dog will be “jealous” of the attention you are paying to a prodigal child who has been away at college and you will find your favorite shoe chewed to shreds when your dog hasn’t done that in years.

What do our animals want us to know?

As an intuitive I am able to connect to energy. Beyond this I can’t explain why or how I am able to translate what they are thinking into English. There are animal communicators who can break down what they do to teach you how to do it. However, my best guess is the first step is to acknowledge the possibility and to open your heart to your animal companion. My faith in God allows me to accept this as a gift and a responsibility that I am only now starting to fully understand. It was actually my horse, Tonk, who introduced me to my gifts first through dreams and next through thought. My Mystic Wonderhorse  Tonk passed away in June of 2013 at the ripe old age of thirty- something but he is often with me now in a more profound way than when he was alive. He often guides me to help horses in need which is why I am endeavoring to do more work in this area.

Although I love to work with all creatures I find a special affinity with horses and have been asked to help with training difficulties and other behavioral issues. Horses are highly intelligent and intuitive. They have a great deal to teach us when we are able to listen. But they, unlike the famous Mr. Ed, can’t move their lips and speak English out loud. I have had horses explain why they do certain things that has completely changed their relationship with their riders. I do not claim to be a trainer. In fact Tonk would be the first to admit that I am not a great rider and he was not a great horse in that regard. I am a relationship healer and a mediator who can help you understand what your horse wants you to know. Sometimes that it is the best way to be engaged with them no matter what the relationship.

I am available to travel to your barn or ranch. In addition to the “reading” or conversation with your horse I can conduct what I call “integrative energy therapy.” It is an energy healing that not only connects me with your animal for further information, it helps to balance their energy to relieve them of pain or emotional issues. Tonk had a terrible accident when he was a young horse. He tried to jump a fence in the rain and cut his leg. I was so worried that I used the energy technique I had only used on humans simply because I had not other way to help him. The Veterinarian had him on pulleys and he was miserable. It was the first and only time he ever nipped me. Every evening I would do the energy integration work on Tonk’s leg. When the vet returned she said she had never seen a wound heal so quickly. Perhaps it was the power of love, but there was also scientific proof of something that may defy explanation. I know it works, but my disclaimer is I am not a veterinarian so this is a completely “mystical” healing process.

Feel free to contact me about your beloved pets. For information about reading rates and travel contact me through the site or call at 413-298-0077. This is also my day job so don’t be shy about leaving your information and contact information even if you know me and believe I already have it. I will make every effort to reach you within 24 to 48 hours.

Our dog Febe.

This is our dog Febe. We rescued her from the the woods of Mississippi and she came to us on transport. This is how she spells her name. I thought she was going to be a tiny lap dog but she kept sprouting. She weighs about 30lbs.

This is my Mystic Wonderhorse Tonk.

This is my Mystic Wonderhorse Tonk. He has shared many special messages with me.  We even have videos and he has his own personal Facebook page (just click on the image)..


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