Improve your health by removing hidden toxins.

Soul-Odyssey Radio affords me the opportunity to interview some very interesting and knowledgeable authors. I usually choose them because of something I want to learn or because there is something they can share with my regular listeners who are pursuing a conscious soul journey. Every week on Thursdays at 6PM Pacific time 9PM EST I […]


“Bodies of Light will change how you live” with Dr. Lee Vickers

Dr. Lee Vickers has taught thousands of people how to heal themselves and access their Divine light to live fuller, happier lives of abundant energy. Listen to this interview with host Deborah Herman as she and Dr. Vickers discuss “Bodies of Light,” how it works and how you too can access it for yourself and […]


Animals love to Talk

I have spent most of my adult life aware of being on a Spiritual Path. I have mystic gifts that help me understand the world in what my mother used to call “technicolor.” Some people who are of a Christian background consider the gifts to be those of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful to […]


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