Deborah Herman on the air.My radio show has been on temporary hiatus but I will be going back on the air sometime in early 2014. Please sign up for my mailing list by contacting me and telling me what you would like to hear on the show. If you are interested in being interviewed send me your topic and bio so I can consider you for the production calendar in 2014. In addition to the radio show I will be scheduling webinars through Writers, Agents & Editors Network. Over the past year I have studied digital marketing, social media marketing and entrepreneurship and have applied what I have learned to writing and publishing. If you are a spiritual writer you will want to join us for these webinars to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the every changing publishing industry.

Aside from my spiritual work I am also a marketing consultant and writing coach.  If you are writing a spiritual book and want to know how to get it published I can help. For the past 25 years my main work has been as a literary agent and writer. While working on my own material I have developed technique to help writers find their own voices and the core of their message. I am the author of ten traditionally published non-fiction books including “Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication,” first published in 2002, which is currently being edited to reflect the changes in the digital world. It will be released through my own publishing imprint: “Soul Odyssey Media” late 2014.


This is my dog Gracie doing what she enjoys most. She and Febe (the dog on the other page in case you missed it) are best friends. When we first brought Febe home Gracie sulked for a week. But now she loves her…most of the time.

Soul-Odessey Cards

Soul-Odyssey Readings with my own deck.

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