Soul-Odyssey Oracle DeckReadings can tell you many things. Soul-Odyssey Readings cause you to become your own Spiritual teacher.

The only thing you can ever really change is your thoughts. If you know the lessons you came here to learn, you can change your attitude toward your life circumstances and manifest a better outcome.




Soul-Odyssey Readings are based on the Seven Lessons of Soul-Odyssey. This page will explain the lessons to you so you can use them to help you make positive changes in your life. Sometimes the only things you can change are your thoughts. So the more you understand about yourself, the easier this becomes. All of us are on some kind of journey in this world. The journey is filled with challenges and obstacles. There is nothing we can’t overcome if we can see our circumstances in a different light. All lessons are meant to help us grow on our soul-path so we can ultimately fulfill our Soul mission.


  • Courage
  • Tolerance
  • Self-Protection
  • Self-Love
  • Ego
  • Love of Humanity
  • God-Love

A wise owl.Make sure to check out the site often for more information and teachings about the seven lessons and other areas of spirituality. I will share what I know as well as sharing what I bring through from Spirit for you. This is a challenging time, but God, the angels, ascended masters and your loved ones have never been closer to you. They are here to help. You need to help them by staying in love and light without worry and fear. Learn what you can and make sure you keep yourselves positive and accepting of the signs and guidance you receive every day. I will be sharing about ways you can continue to develop your own intuition and Spiritual Gifts. Most importantly, you need to believe in yourself and your connection to the Divine spark.

I do private sessions on a sliding scale by phone, Skype or in person if you happen to be in Massachusetts or at one of my speaking engagements. Follow the events page to find out where I will be appearing next. Join my list and keep up with events and information.

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My sessions are based on my gifts as a “Mystic” medium. This means that I use my gifts to help yFlowering picket fence.ou on your Spiritual path. I can communicate with loved ones who have passed over including your beloved pets. However, my bigger concern is to connect you with the Divine and to help you make your life on Earth productive, prosperous and in alignment with what God intends for you.

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