Spirit Dove

Enjoy my new site. Inside you will find all sorts of information to guide you on your Spiritual Adventures.

From animal communication, to tips on developing your own gifts of intuition you will find many resources I hope to share from my 25 years as a Mystic on the Spiritual path. We are all sharing classroom earth together. I hope to give you encouragement, guidance and some laughter along the way. I have been an author and literary agent specializing in spiritual material for at least 20 years. The spiritual writing page will give those of you who aspire to get books published tips and methods to accomplish that goal. I am also an energy artist. I channel energy and Angel Guidance through automatic drawing. I will share some with you. You can also request a personal energy drawing for your own healing and meditation. Check out my store for more information about my books, products and other cool stuff.

Blessings and love,


Animals are amazing and have beautiful spirits.This photo reminds me of our dog, Max who left us too soon. He was an amazing dog who used to try to put his play ball in my mouth. Yuck!!!

Check out my blog and the Animal Communication page. “Animals Love to Talk!

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