If you are passionate about your writing you owe it to yourself to make sure your work is in tip top shape whether you self- publish or seek an agent or traditional publisher.  You may have an idea for a book that is burning from the inside out but have no idea how to get started. A little coaching in the “write” direction can help deliver your dreams to the page.


Services I offer:


Writing coaching by skype


Book proposal Evaluation: This is a conceptual edit and line edit. This means that I will be evaluating the book proposal for its marketability. I have twenty years of experience as a literary agent in charge of finding projects and developing them for submission to publishers. I will help you make your book proposal IRRESISTIBLE to agents and publishers.


Manuscript Evaluation: When you have written a book you need a separate set of eyes. Your relatives and spouses will not give you the critical perspective you need before you invest time in finding an agent or traditional publisher. You especially need a critical read if you are going to self-publish. This evaluation includes a line and conceptual edit. This may be all you need. I include a coaching session and a memo so you can make any changes that may be needed.


Book Doctoring: If your book needs a lot of work after the evaluation I am available on a case by case basis to fully doctor a manuscript which may include some ghostwriting. I have ghostwritten many books where I use my skills as a wordsmith to bring out your voice. My job is to make your book sizzle because I have the experience and education to do so. This is still your book. It is simply polished. This can also be done with coaching sessions if you do not want to completely turn over your baby to someone else.


Writing consultants exist to help people jump a few steps on the learning curve. I have been at this a very long time. Not only have I been on the business end of things I have written ten non-fiction books. I also still experience the agony of submitting my own books to publishers through the book proposal process. I have a Master’s Degree in Journalism which helps me understand editing and the brevity of words needed for trade books.


Writer Entrepreneur


As a writer you are not expected to be a business person. I can work with you to build your online platform. If you glaze over at the word “social media” I can ease you into it with some coaching. I am also able to help you build an online presence that is easy to maintain. If you need a simple author’s website with superior SEO, that is geek speak for Search Engine Optimization (further geek speak for how quickly people find you on line) go to this link:


You will need a hub for all of your work. I will explain the rest of it to you if you hire me to coach you through the world of digital promotion.

I have many tangible tools to help you with your writing and publishing goals:





Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents 

This book has been showing writers how to navigate the publishing industry since 1990. We update it every year to bring you the most current database of Publishing Houses including which editors handle your kind of book. It also includes Agent profiles so detailed that you will be able to address letters to them according to their particular likes and dislikes. This includes their personal hobbies. One insider’s trick to getting published is to be able to get your query letter to the right person and to engage them with something personal.

We have created a digital version of this guide within our new social network:


Writers, Agents and Editors Network: www.WAENetwork.com


WAENet is the fastest growing content specific social network. You can meet other writers who share your interests. There are over 300 agent profiles and many of the agents are active members of the site. You can upload your query letters for our pitch fest and you may be chosen as a “Writer to Watch” by my husband and business partner Literary Agent Jeff Herman. We have many groups for you to join that focus on your special interests as a writer. The discussions are lively and unpredictable. We pride ourselves on the supportive atmosphere.

www.BPWiz.biz is book proposal writing software that is free. It is a sister site to our www.WAENet.com . I was the content consultant for this program so it conforms to my format. My book proposal clients typically use this software to  get started and then I help them make their proposals IRRESISTIBLE. The software will break this task into small bites. I can also work with you before you use the software if you want to understand the process of book proposal writing.

If you really want to understand book proposals you should also have this invaluable tool:

Write the Perfect Book Proposal: Ten Proposals that Worked and Why


So if you are ready to be a published author contact me so we can make your work IRRESISTIBLE!!


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